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12 Dos And Don'ts Of Successful Networking
Networking is easy and fun! Just bear in mind the following tips to make the most of your networking sessions.

7-Step Guide To Getting Your Business Premises
A simple guide to getting the most suitable premises for your business.

Branding For Success
Distinctive brands are more than mere identifiers of origin and source for a business. They have evolved to become living emotional relationships with the buying public. More importantly, you can derive revenue straight to the bottomline through franchising and licensing of your brand.

Increase The Visibility Of Your Business
You can only generate business when people are aware of what you do and what you can provide.

Joining Associations To Network
There are broadly two types of associations: industry-specific and general business.

Paying A "Visit" To Your Competitors
You can gather important information by simply observing the operations of your competitors.

Test-Marketing Your Products
The importance of test-marketing products.

The Art of Funding and What Investors Will Never Tell You
Real funding scenarios with real money by real people. Plus, the inside story on Venture Capitalists.

The Critical Need For Software Asset Management
Software audits can protect a company from copyright infringement. It can also provide additional information to help better manage software costs and enhance employee productivity.

Simplified Financial Reporting For SMEs
Small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) in Singapore may soon be using simplified versions of accounting standards. This will reduce their cost of financial reporting and improve timeliness of reporting.

Turn Contacts Into Relationships
Relationships count when it comes to business. It is always wise to cultivate strong business relationships.

Types Of Market Research
Market research is the process of gathering information about your customers, competitors, market trends, etc.

Ways To Venture Abroad
There are many strategies you can adopt when setting up or expanding overseas.


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