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Singapore is fast becoming a business city of choice. With excellent business infrastructure, political stability, and close economic ties with many of the world's leading economies, there has never been better time than now for entrepreneurs to migrate and set up their business in Singapore.

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Singapore Home Office Scheme for small-scale businesses in Singapore HDB flats.

Singaporeans who wish to start up their businesses can now register and conduct their small-scale businesses in the HDB flats under the new Home Office (HO) scheme in Singapore.

This Home Office scheme will encourage more Singaporeans to start up their own businesses, especially this helps to reduce monthly expenses such as rental and travelling expenses, and also the start up costs such as rental deposit, office furniture, fixture and fittings, computers, etc. It provides the comfort to work from home and reduce travelling time.

The Home Office (HO) scheme in Singapore HDB Flats has some restrictions as it also aims to ensure that the good residential ambience and amenity of the housing estates are not affected. As a result, the Singapore HDB flats to be used under the Home Office scheme must comply with the list of performance criteria, and 16 types of businesses activities are not allowed.

There is also a need to keep the number of non-residents (including employees, partners, and directors) engaged in the business at the HDB Flat Home to a maximum of two, and the activities of their businesses must not cause disturbance to the neighbours. Displaying of the business signage outside the residential premises is also disallowed.

List of Businesses allowed under Home Office (HO) Scheme.

Professional businesses offering accountancy or architectural services, trading office, insurance/financial planning company, property consultant, estate agency, design/advertising office, IT/Management consultancy. Technology based and knowledge intensive businesses are also allowed. For example, computer programming, digital animation, engineering services and consultancy, developing of prototype of application software and designing electronic circuit using computer software.

Remarks :
Obtain approval from HDB for HDB Flat owners, or URA for private property owners. Approval Period - 3 years. External employees - 2 persons (inclusive of employees, partners and directors).

List of Businesses allowed under Small Business Guidelines (SBG).
Small-scale activities like telecommuting, sewing work, private tuition and small-scale home baking.

Conducting of small-scale dress making/embroidery lessons, repair of household appliances, electrical products, footwear, etc., beauty/Hair-Dressing/Massage therapy services.

Remarks :
Strictly no person outside household is to be employed. No approval from HDB or URA required.

Criteria to Observe :
All types of businesses must satify the performance criteria and the activities of businesses must not cause disturbance to the neighbours or the residential neighbourhood. No display of business signage outside residential premises is allowed.

List of Businesses not permitted under Home Office (HO) Scheme.
a) Maid Agency/Employment Agency
b) Contractors Business
c) Car Trading Business
d) Commercial School e.g. music, dance, language school or tuition centre
e) Sales/marketing office involving conducting seminars/talks for large number of customers
f) Courier Business
g) Manufacture/Preparation/Processing of products and goods.
h) Ophthalmic dispensing/Pharmacy/Medical or dental clinics/Veterinary medicine
i) Card reading/Palm reading or fortune telling in any form
j) Funeral chapels or homes
k) Mausoleums
l) Shop use and any form of retail activity including pet shop.
m) Food catering/Restaurants
n) Conducting of dress making/embroidery lessons.
o) Repair of household appliances, electrical products, footwear, etc.
p) Beauty /Hair-Dressing/Massage therapy services.

Remarks :
Detrimental to residential amenity and character.

Interested applicants who wish to setup their businesses in their HDB Flats in Singapore under the HO scheme must submit their applications via HDB's website at and for private properties through URA's website at, together with an administration fee of $20/-.


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