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Offshore Company

Three key reasons to setup offshore company.

Whilst a number of specific Business and Investment strategies lend themselves to Offshore structuring, generally speaking, people choose to register a Company and Bank Account "Offshore" from their usual country of residence for one of 3 key reasons:

1. Financial Privacy/Tax Minimization
He who controls the wealth makes the rules! Most countries offering Offshore Company registration have very strict privacy laws which make it extremely difficult (if not near impossible) to determine:

1.who owns the Company; and
2. how much money the company is making.

By making it difficult for others to determine the exact extent of your income and assets you gain greater control over your wealth.

2. Asset Protection
By transferring your wealth abroad, to purchase Offshore Investments or Assets for example, you make your wealth much less vulnerable to attack. In the age of American styled litigation madness it makes sense to make it as difficult and as costly as possible for would-be vultures to track down and quantify your wealth.

3. Access to High Return Investments
Many, perhaps most, high return Offshore Investment opportunities are not open to onshore investors (qualified, meaning extremely wealthy, investors excepted). Establishing an Offshore entity allows you access to this wider universe of investments otherwise unavailable to you as an onshore resident.

Knowledge is Power.

Owning an Offshore Company and knowing what you can do with it are two completely different things.

The good news is that with the advent of the internet-driven information revolution (and with the right professional guidance) never before has it been easier to do business and invest on a global basis via the establishment of an Offshore Company. To help you decide how you might benefit from the establishment of an Offshore Company we have set out below various strategies for successful business and investment management.

When considering how you might benefit from the use of an Offshore Company it is important to remember that local circumstances can have an important impact on your personal situation. Consequently we always recommend that clients seek legal and financial advice before commencing business under the guise of an Offshore Corporation.


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