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List of Reaources

Data and Statistics

Annual e-Government Perception Survey (Government-to-Business)
The annual G2B Survey determines the level of adoption and satisfaction for e-Government initiatives targeted at businesses.

Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centres (EDIRC)
EDIRC is an online index of over 6,500 economics institutions in 213 countries and territories. It also features economics associations and societies.

Education Statistics Digest (ESD) 2007 (PDF)
Provides overview of trends and developments in Singapore education as well as statistical information on the education sector, both public and private.

Economic Surveys Series 2005: Education Services (PDF)
Detailed findings on the economic performance and main activities of the education services sector.

Economic Surveys Series 2005: Retail Trade, Singapore Department of Statistics
Get detailed survey findings and statistical tables on the services industries in this fourth issue of a series of 8 reports.

EUROPA Eurostat - The Statistical Office of the European Communities

Key economic and financial indicators, and extensive statistic reports by industry/sector in Europe.

International Monetary Fund - Publications
Search for country reports, global economic data, and financial papers and surveys online (free unless indicated).

LABORSTA - International Labour Statistics
An International Labour Office (ILO) database on labour statistics worldwide operated by the ILO Bureau of Statistics.

Monthly Retail Sales and Catering Trade Indices, Singapore Department of Statistics
Get monthly updates on the Retail Sales Index and Catering Trade Index, highlighting changes in the current prices.

National Statistical Offices (by country)
Official statistics by country released by the national department or office of statistics.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - Statistics
Search for global economic data and reports by country or publication type (free unless indicated).

Stat-USA - Official US Statistics

A service of the US Department of Commerce, which provides authoritative US business, economic and trade information from the Federal Government.

UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade)
Detailed merchandise trade statistics and commodity trade data for all available countries since 1962. It contains almost 700 million records showing imports, exports and re-exports -- by commodity -- for about 200 countries.

UN Human Development Reports
Access a wealth of statistical information on different aspects of human development around the world.

United Nations (UN) Statistics Division
A compilation of searchable statistics from international Government and economic sources (free unless indicated).

World Bank Group - Data & Statistics
Global statistics on finance, economic and social indicators and demography.

Report on the Census of Manufacturing Activities 2006 (PDF)
Get figures on the performance of manufacturing activities in Singapore. The report includes performance data of the manufacturing industry as well as performance by cluster for 2006.

Yearbook of Statistics 2007 ¨C Manufacturing (PDF)
Get data and statistics on the number of manufacturing establishments, manufacturing output, total manufacturing output. This is based on a census of manufacturing establishments conducted annually by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

Economic Survey of Singapore ¨C Manufacturing 2005 (PDF)
Get an overview of the manufacturing sector¡¯s performance and key trends. The report includes overall economic performance of the sector and key performance indicators for 2005.

Economic Survey of Singapore ¨C Manufacturing 2006 (PDF)
Get an overview of the manufacturing sector¡¯s performance and key trends. The report includes overall economic performance of the sector and key performance indicators for 2006.

Facts & Figures on the Infocomm Industry
Get key infocomm statistics and charts that illustrate Singapore¡¯s infocomm development.

Economic Survey Series Information & Communications Services (2005) (PDF)

Get detailed survey findings and statistical tables on the information and communications industry in this fifth issue of a series of 8 reports.

Quarterly TV Viewership Figures on Local Free-To-Air Channels
Get statistics on the market share, weekly reach and ratings for local free-to-air TV channels.

World Tourism Organization - Barometer & Statistics
Statistics on tourism arrivals, receipts, market trends, and economic indicators.


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