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Singapore Immigration

Singapore is one of the best places to settle and live in. The first thing that's likely to strike you on arriving here is the incredible efficiency - from the immigration authorities to the transportation etc. The same kind of efficiency will be apparent when applying for a visa, looking for the right accommodation or finding a school.

Visas for Entrepreneurs

Singapore offers tailor-made visas for those who intend to set up businesses in the country, as well as entrepreneurs who would like to explore business opportunities in the region.

  • Global Investors Programme
  • Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)
  • EntrePass
  • Employment Pass
Because of Singapore's history of attracting foreign professionals, most relocation requirements have been anticipated and catered for. So, whether you are an established professional or an entrepreneur, you will find that Singapore is truly a plug-and-play nation.

EntrePass / Employment Pass

Singapore's open immigration policy provides an environment conducive for businesses. Foreign entrepreneurs, who wish to establish their company and reside in Singapore, have two options to choose from, Entrepass and Employment pass. Each one has its own advantage in terms of ease of approval, processing period and mandatory requirements.

EntrePass (Employment Pass for Entrepreneurs)

For a foreigner to run his own company/business in Singapore, he/she needs a special employment pass known in Singapore as an EntrePass. This is required either before or after incorporation and requires a Business Plan as part of the application. You may call upon Rikvin to assist you with the completion and submission of the application and the drawing up of the Business Plan.

Employment Pass Applications for Employees

Foreign professionals, executives, Mg. Directors and shareholders who wish to work in Singapore may apply for an Employment Pass (EP).

Singapore Immigration allows Foreign Entrepreneurs to apply for Employment Pass only after they have incorporated their Singapore Company. Designed to facilitate the entry and stay of entrepreneurs who are ready to start their new business, the Singapore Employment pass, comes with an initial stay visa validity period for up to two years.


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