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Singapore Virtual Office

Singapore is fast becoming a business city of choice. With excellent business infrastructure, political stability, and close economic ties with many of the world's leading economies, there has never been better time than now for entrepreneurs to migrate and set up their business in Singapore.

Work from your home office, or from anywhere with a Singapore Virtual Office.

An immediate and flexible solution ensuring a professional business presence in Singapore

The ability to work remotely with access to the support and advantages of a multinational corporation at a fraction of the cost.

A prime business address, professional telephone answering and access to boardrooms & meeting rooms worldwide.

Most Singapore Virtual Office will provide the following services:

Registered Address

A Registered Address in a prime CBD area for business/company registration purposes or even to serve as your private mailing address.

Registered Address can be displayed on business cards, letterheads or any other official documents.

The official address will be something like

123 International Plaza
Singapore 069555

Mail Notification

Provides notification via email & sms (for local mobile phone users only) upon mail arrival.

Mail Self-Collection

Mails will be kept for your self-collection.

Meeting Facilities

Provides a corporate meeting room available for booking.

Shared Fax Receiving & Forwarding

A Shared fax number will be allocated . Incoming Faxes will be segregated by recipient client company¡¯s name and emailed to the respective client¡¯s specified email address.

Dedicated Fax Line DID

Dedicated Fax Line DID allows you to receive faxes sent to you as email attachments. Therefore you can check your incoming fax anytime and everywhere as long as you have access to your email account. When you signup, you will be assigned a fax number, ie. 6xxx xxxx that you can give out as your fax number. Incoming faxes for this number will be forwarded to you via email as attachment in PDF format or TIFF image.

Dedicated Phone Line DID

Dedicated Phone Line DID (number starts with 6xxx xxxx) allows your customer to contact you as if you are in Singapore reaching you directly at your defined number. Forwarding charges will be billed.


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