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Tax Planning & Consulting

Our tax professionals work to deliver value-added tax planning services, working with our clients to provide approaches and solutions to critical tax and business issues.

Our Tax Services division formulates effective strategies to

  • Ensure tax compliance with relevant laws.
  • Implement innovative tax planning methods.
  • Optimize the use of tax incentives and thus reduce tax liability.
We provide "corporate" and "personal" tax services for companies and individuals, and ensure that all tax returns are filed and submitted on a timely basis thus avoiding tax penalties due to late submissions.

Here are some of the areas in which our Tax Services division can add value to your firm.
  • Corporate and personal taxation services
  • Tax compliance and outsourcing
  • Tax planning
  • Tax audit
  • Seeking extension of time for filing returns
  • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Tax computation
  • Filing of Tax Return-Form C
  • Raise objections - Reply to tax queries
  • Personal tax computation
Tax Consultation

Wondering where to get started with business tax reporting and deductions?
  • An overall tax assessment to help identify deductions or itemizations that you may have overlooked
  • A clear explanation of your eligible tax deductions and how they can benefit your business


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